Information Sheets


Information Sheets are published by a number of industry bodies to assist creditors and others in their understanding insolvency administrations. A number of the Information Sheets are provided below.

Corporate Insolvency

Approving Fees - A Guide for Creditors

Creditor Information Sheet - Offences, Recoverable Transactions and Insolvent Trading

Proposals Without Meetings

Liquidation - A Guide for Creditors

Voluntary Administration - A Guide for Creditors

Receivership - A Guide for Creditors

Creditor Rights in a Liquidation

Creditor Rights in a Voluntary Liquidation

Personal Insolvency

Bankruptcy / Personal Insolvency Agreements

Approving Fees In a Regulated Debtor Estate

Proposals Without Meetings

Creditor Rights in a Regulated Debtor Estate

Information Sheets


Director Penalty Notice

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